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Because we care about your artwork we recommend the right glass for the job. All paper products require glazing, colours can fade when exposed to ultraviolet light and excessive reflections can ruin the enjoyment of your art. Weight and safety can sometimes be an issue too, and so we provide a wide selection of glazing products to suit your individual needs.

Below is a list of our most commonly used glass products so you can rest assured you're being kept in the picture.


Float glass

We use only high quality papered 2mm float glass for general work. It can be very reflective and has a slight green cast but is great at keeping costs down.


Clear Acrylic

A high quality clear acrylic which is colour neutral, shatterproof and lightweight. A sound alternative to float glass when framing very large items or for safe transportation.


Conservation Clear

A clear 2.5mm float glass coated with a UV filter on one side. Recommended as standard for works on fabric or paper of high value, or where colour loss may be an issue.

Krystall® Preservation Clear
Speciality glass with best colour clarity for the truest image transmission and optimal UV block to keep the art protected against bleaching and discolouration.



UV Clear Acrylic

A 2-3mm clear UV filtering acrylic. Excellent where weight is an issue and for protection against breakage.



Artglass UV

The best glass option for reflection-free and neutral viewing. Also incorporating a 93.7% UV filter to protect valuable artwork from fading over time. This anti-reflective coating is manufactured using an advanced magnetron sputtering process to deposit a molecular film. This technique guarantees unrivaled consistency, durability and quality. This is truly impressive glass that has to be seen to be believed!

Schott Mirogard® Glass

A 2-4mm water-white neutral reflection, dip coated, smooth glass. This is excellent glass, which diffracts glare, without affecting your image. Its amazing anti-reflective qualities really do have to be seen. Recomended especially for dark or highly detailed images.


Schott Mirogard® Plus

Anti reflection control with UV filter that blocks 84% of UV light and reduces reflection to just 1%. Museum quality glass for your most treasured items. Perfect look and peace of mind.

We never use:


Diffused-reflection glass

A float glass that has had its face etched matt, once popular but can be damaging to valuable artwork.



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