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Box Frames


If you have a football shirt or object with depth, you will require a box frame. We have a wide range of suitable mouldings with wood and card fillets to match. We can comfortably fit items of up to 5cm depth in a box frame. If you need something deeper, an acrylic display frame may be required.




General Styles


Creative Picture Framing offers the most comprehensive choice of frames, with thousands of mouldings to chose from. We have all manner of shapes, sizes, and finishes. We cut and make our frames on the premises from stock mouldings but there are many more available to order. Our team will always help you make the right choice. Here is a tiny sample.

Some common items to frame are; photographs, certificates, posters, stamps, paintings in oils, watercolour or acrylics. We have framed horses reigns, babies shoes, spoons, keys, hats, gloves and even a stone lion's head. With our expert knowledge we can frame almost anything you'd like, just bring it in for a free consultation.


Traditional Styles


Swept Frames
Handcrafted, classic and modern frames for oil paintings old and new. English and continental styles in a variety of finishes using a base wood structure, added ornamental motifs, applied gesso, and a variety of painted and gilt finishes. "The best things come to those who wait", this process takes a number of weeks it is a slow handcrafted process that cannot be rushed.


For added luxury and quality, real gold and silver leaf finishes are available.




Ready-made Swept Frames

A selected range of traditional style frames is available ready-made in set sizes. We do not hold stock of these but they are available to order on a weekly basis.

Ready-made House Frames
For those in a hurry or on a tight budget, we also stock a small range of do-it-yourself ready-made frames in black, white and grey.

We have frames for set paper sizes at A4, A3, A2, and A1. In metric sizes we also have 28x35 cm, 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x60, cm 50x70, cm 60x80 cm and 70x100 cm which also is available in a box frame for football shirts. 
Finally, we also do square sizes at 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, and 50x50 cm.

For a small fee, we can fit your artwork but they are simple and easy to do at home. You may need a mount to help your artwork fit which we can cut to order, just ask.

Contemporary Styles 


Acrylic Display Frames
We can craft free standing or wall mounted acrylic display frames and boxes for any item. We have created displays for all manner of items, including Kimonos and sculptures. Your box may require a base or plinth to sit on, we have these available in wood finishes or made from acrylic in contemporary colours. Each is crafted to your individual needs.

Stretchers for Canvas
We can prepare your canvas painting or fabric by stretching it on to conventional pine stretcher bars, or deep gallery style stretchers. We will always recommend the required cross support bars, full cross or H supports to prevent warping.

Tray Frames
For standard and deep canvas paintings a tray frame is the height of fashion, often referred to as float frames we have a good selection from which to chose.







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